About CredibleBH

CredibleBH is a leading and trusted name in the field of behavioral health solutions, dedicated to transforming lives and empowering individuals and organizations with reliable, innovative, and client-centered services. With a deep commitment to improving behavioral health outcomes, CredibleBH offers a comprehensive suite of software solutions and consulting services tailored to meet the unique needs of the behavioral health industry.

Our Mission

At CredibleBH, our mission is clear: to provide the highest quality, user-friendly technology and expert services to support behavioral health agencies in delivering exceptional care to their clients. We strive to create meaningful impact and lasting change within the communities we serve, championing the cause of mental health and substance abuse treatment providers.


A Brief History

CredibleBH has been at the forefront of transforming behavioral health services since its inception. Recognizing the challenges faced by behavioral health providers in managing their operations, maintaining compliance, and providing efficient care, the company set out to create a software solution that streamlines processes and empowers providers to focus on their core mission – delivering exceptional care to clients.

Our Solutions

CredibleBH offers a comprehensive and integrated Behavioral Health Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform that encompasses a wide range of services, from clinical and billing solutions to reporting and analytics. Our software is designed to enhance the efficiency of behavioral health agencies and improve client outcomes through effective data management, streamlined workflows, and enhanced communication.

Key Features

  • Clinical Documentation: Our EHR platform enables providers to streamline clinical documentation, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and best practices. It allows easy access to client records, assessment tools, treatment plans, progress notes, and more, facilitating comprehensive client care.
  • Billing and Revenue Cycle Management: CredibleBH’s billing solutions simplify the complex billing processes, enabling providers to maximize revenue, reduce claim denials, and improve overall financial performance.
  • Outcome Measurement: We understand the importance of outcomes in behavioral health services. CredibleBH offers powerful outcome measurement and reporting tools, helping providers monitor and enhance the effectiveness of their treatments.
  • Mobile Capabilities: Our platform’s mobile capabilities empower providers to access essential client information on the go, ensuring seamless care delivery and timely decision-making.
  • Interoperability: CredibleBH places great emphasis on interoperability to facilitate seamless data exchange with other healthcare systems, ensuring coordinated care and preventing information silos.

Why Choose CredibleBH

CredibleBH stands apart from other behavioral health solutions providers due to its relentless commitment to excellence, client-centric approach, and dedication to delivering cutting-edge technology. Our team of experts is comprised of experienced professionals from the behavioral health industry, software development, and customer service fields, enabling us to provide comprehensive support and tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each organization.

We are proud to have earned the trust of numerous behavioral health agencies, ranging from small community organizations to large-scale enterprises. Our unwavering focus on data security, compliance, and continuous improvement has garnered recognition and acclaim from industry peers and clients alike.


CredibleBH remains dedicated to making a significant impact in the behavioral health industry by providing robust and user-friendly software solutions. Through our innovative technology and exceptional service, we empower behavioral health agencies to enhance their operational efficiency, deliver higher quality care, and ultimately improve the lives of those they serve. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for behavioral health, CredibleBH continues to be the trusted partner for providers seeking transformation and success in their practice.

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